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  • At Anicare Veterinary Group we are 100% committed to the well-being of your pet. We understand the important role that pets play in people’s lives and because of this we are committed to providing the best care that modern veterinary medicine has to offer. To this end, our premises are excellently equipped with modern facilities…

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    Food Facts from Anicare Dublin Vet Practice

    Dogs are wolves, so should be fed like them, right?  Yes & No. Although dogs share many characteristics with them, it is wrong to presume that they are the same. … Read More »


    Clontarf Vets & the Fight against Fleas

    Fleas! Fleas can trouble your pet all year round – but they like heat so summer is flea season! Individual animals react differently to having fleas and present with wide … Read More »


    Microchipping is a must by 2016 – Advise from Clontarf Vet Hospital

    We at Anicare Veterinary Group have always encouraged  pet owners to microchip their pets. This can be done at any one of our five Dublin Vet clinics. This is a … Read More »