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How easy was it to contact the practice by phone?

How promptly was the phone answered?

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How easy was it to get a convenient appointment time?

How easy was it to get an appointment with the Vet of your choice?

How punctually were you seen for your appointment?

How do you rate our waiting room?

How clean do you rate our practice?

How friendly are our staff?

How informative are our staff?

How do you rate the visual professionalism of our staff?

If your pet ever had an operation or otherwise been hospitalized...

How well was your pets condition and treatment explained to you?

If your pet was ever hospitalized how well were you kept informed of your pet’s progress?

How happy were you happy with the pre op advice you received?

How happy were you with the post op advice you received?

Were you happy with post op care your pet received?

Do you think the service you receive represents good value for money?

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