Pet Passpost Scheme

Under the EU pet passport Scheme it is possible for owners to bring their cat or dog into Ireland without the need for quarantine from a range of countries deemed low risk for rabies provided that certain conditions are met. Qualifying countries include all EU countries as well as Australia, New Zealand and USA. You must do the following in the order listed to be able to travel to Ireland under this scheme.

  1. Have your pet microchipped – this must be done before it is vaccinated or blood tested.
  2. Apply for a pet passport from the Department of Agriculture.
  3. Have your pet vaccinated against rabies.
  4. Have your pet blood tested to confirm that it has developed an adequate amount of antibodies against rabies subsequent to vaccination.

Your vet will advise you when to have this done but it is normally 3 weeks after the date of vaccination. Your vet will then complete your pet passport to certify your pet’s identification, vaccination against rabies and successful blood test. You can not return to Ireland with your pet until at least six months have elapsed from the date on which a successful blood test was taken. Your pets must only have resided in an eligible country during that six months. You must have your pet treated for ticks and tapeworms between 24 and 48 hours before check in at the port that they are leaving from.


Further Information:

A full list of eligible countries and approved carriers can be obtained from the Department of Agriculture. Allow plenty of time to have all the necessary requirements for the pet passport completed in time (e.g. the blood test may not be done until one month after your pet has been vaccinated). This blood test must then be sent to an approved laboratory in UK and may take a couple of weeks to process. Have your pet scanned to verify that the microchip is in situ prior to travel. Pets under 3 months of age may not travel under this scheme.
N.B. This fact sheet is meant for guideline only – further information can be obtained from the department of agriculture:

Help-Line 1890 504 604

***Preparing correctly and meeting all the conditions of the passport scheme is your responsibility.***