Elizabethan Collars

When I collected my dog from the surgery she was wearing a large plastic collar.  Is this really necessary?Elizabethan collars are applied to prevent your dog interfering with any wound or dressings.  It is natural for dogs to lick their wounds but this can seriously delay healing and can result in infection.  Similarly the collar will prevent any scratching or rubbing involving the head or ears.  Therefore, especially when the dog is unattended, it is important that the collar is in place.

My dog appears very distressed when she is wearing the collar and bangs into objects.  This frightens her. Can I do anything?

Most dogs will get used to the collar after a few hours particularly if kept in a confined space where there are no small moveable objects such as stools, occasional tables etc. which would move if knocked. The collar restricts vision from the sides and behind and unfortunately prevents assessment of width.  Therefore problems negotiating furniture and narrow spaces will be encountered.  It is important to assist as much as possible and to ensure that any valuable ornaments are removed to a safe position in order to ensure they are not damaged.  If the problem persists please let us know.

Can I let the dog free in the garden with the collar on?

This is inadvisable for the reasons given above.  Left alone the dog can get entangled in plants or bushes which could result in injury.  Most dogs will tolerate a collar quite well if given controlled exercise on a lead.

Will eating and drinking be a problem?

A collar of correct size, correctly adjusted, should allow normal feeding and drinking.  If normally fed from a deep bowl try offering food or liquids in a shallow dish or plate.  If you do feel you have to remove the collar, make sure your pet is supervised until it is replaced and this should be as soon as the meal is finished.

Is there any maintenance I should carry out on the collar?

It is important that both sides of the collar are kept clean.  If it is difficult to do this in situ, remove the collar but make sure your pet is fully supervised so that self trauma does not take place.If you have any difficulty in refitting the collar, please contact us immediately. A minority of dogs will not tolerate these collars.  If you do have difficulties please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help.