Yes it’s that time of year again and already we are hearing  bangers being let off. Fireworks can be fun for you but not for your pet. Animals’ senses, especially their hearing are much more acute than ours making them more sensitive to loud bangs and whistles, the smell of gunpowder and the sight of objects streaking across the sky.

Here are some tips to help minimise any distress to your pet.

  1. Avoid using sedatives if possible.
  2. Alternative natural remedies are available and plug in diffusers that disperse calming pheromones into the the room. For these products to be most effective they should be used well in advance of Halloween night. Please contact any of our hospitals for further information.
  3. Always keep your pet indoors when fireworks are being let off.
  4. Always close windows and doors to keep the noise to a minimum. Draw the curtains and darken the room. If your pet is used to the sound of the television switch it on to block out some of the noise.
  5. Always reward your pet if she is calm.
  6. Never take your dog to a fireworks display. Even if he does not bark or whimper this does not mean he is not frightened.
  7. Never shout at your pet if she is frightened- it will only make her more stressed.
  8. Contrary to what many people believe comforting your pet will not make them more fearful when they are scared. If your dog wants to be on your knee or next to you allow them. Talk to your dog in a calm and soothing voice and stroke them with slow and gentle movements.
  9. Prepare a den for your pet so that he can feel comfortable e.g. perhaps under a bed with some of your old clothes where he can hide out when the fireworks start.
  10. If she whines or meows and tries to hide – leave her alone and do not try to coax her out. She is just trying to find safety and should not be disturbed.
  11. Stay calm and act normally , this will encourage your pet to be calm also.

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