Clontarf Vets advise on Canine Cough Kennel Cough



Infectious bronchitis or Kennel cough as it is often called is a highly contagious illness which presents as a persistent harsh cough in dogs which can last for several weeks. It is very easily spread from dog to dog for example in kennels – hence the name Kennel cough

But it is just as likley to be passed on in, parks, dog shows, groomers, doggie day care or anywhere  a number of dogs gather together. In fact we at Clontarf Vets sometimes call it ‘The Friendly Dog Disease’!

The cough is caused by a mixture of viral and bacterial agents. The main viral component-the parainfluenza virus is protected against with the annual vaccination used in the Anicare clinics. However a seperate vaccination is required to protect against the main bacterial component Bordotella Brochiseptica and we recommend given the increased prevalence you should give this vaccine also to your pet. The vaccine  also lasts for a 12 month period & can be given at  the time of your dogs annual vacciantion.

Infectious Bronchitis ( ie Kennel or Canine Cough ) is seldom life threatening can nbe very unpleasant for your dog, is highly contagious & can take many weeks to cure.

Rememeber your dog can pick up Kennel Cough anywhere – not just boarding kennels.


So to protect your dog – VACCINATE!


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