Happy Easter from Anicare Vets Dublin

We have posted blogs in the past on poisons & pets but today Easter Sunday we at Clontarf Vets thought me might just remind you about some poisons that may be more likley to cause a problem over the Easter period.

Chocolate:- Most pet owners know chocolate can be poisonous to pets. Baker’s chocolate is the most harmful and more so to dogs than cats. Cats tend not to like the taste of chocolate but dogs love it – good to remember today Easter Sunday – so enjoy your Easter eggs but do not feel tempeted to treat your pet.

Lillies:–  Image result for lily poison in pets

While lilies are well-known as a serious danger to cats, certain varieties are highly toxic to dogs as well.

Alcohol:  Bit of a no brainer you might think but it does happen – most often at parties when a dog might lap up beer spills. Alcohol affects a dog’s brain and liver in the same way it affects us but they have smaller organ so there is potential for more harm.


Happy Easter from Clontarf Vets & all the Anicare Team

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