A Reminder about Microchipping from Clontarf Vets

We at Anicare Veterinary Group have always encouraged  pet owners to microchip their pet, and since March 31st 2016 all dogs must be microchipped by law.

However now nearly 2 years on we know there are still alot of dogs out there who are not microchipped or who’s chip details are not correctly registered.

Estimates reveal that in the region of 100,000 microchips are incorrectly registered in Ireland and that if those animals are lost, the data registered would probably not result in the animals being reunited with their owner.

So if you are not sure if your dog is microchipped or registered correctly then please call into one of our five veterinary clinics on Dublin’s northside. We can easily check your pet for a microchip and also check if he/ she has a chip that is registered on an approved database. This is a free of charge service that we provide and only takes a couple of minuttes.

Alternatively , if you know your dog’s microchip number and want to check for yourself if it’s registered, then go to

If your dog’s is microchipped but not registered then just follow the instructions on the site & for a small fee you can get the details correctly registered with an approved database.

Alternatively you can make an appointment to have we at Anicare register the chip for you. You will need to bring in your proof of address and proof of identity & there is a small fee involved.

If your dog is not yet microchipped then please make an appointment for this to be done as soon as possible at one of our veterinary clinics in Clontarf, Glasnevin, Santry, Blanchardstown or Palmerstown. The cost is €35, including implantation and registration. It only take 10 minutes to do.

It is a simple procedure that involves the insertion of a small microchip approximately the size of a grain of rice under the skin of your pet. It can be performed during a consult and is a procedure that is quick and well tolerated by your pet.

For the appointment you will need to bring in a proof of address (e.g recent utility bill) and photo identification (e.g. passport or drivers licence)…and of course bring along your precious pooch!


All microchips inserted in our Anicare Dublin vet surgeries are registered on the Fido database that is part of the umbrella Europetnet scheme. So if your pet is chipped in Marino but found in Milan your pet can still be traced back to you.


And don’t forget about cats – whilst the microchipping of cats is not required by law we highly recommend it.

Lasly check out our facebook page for some interesting facts & stories about microchipping and a chance to have youe pet microchipped for free.


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