New Year’s Resolution from Clontarf Vets.

Keeping your Pet Fit not Fat – New Year’s resolution from Clontarf Vets – a North Dublin Veterinary Clinic

Its that time of year again when we are all full of good intentions & New Year’s Resolutions – not to mention a determination to shed those few extra pounds we gained over the Christmas & New Year festivities.

Clontarf Veterianry Hospital and all the Anicare Vet Team thought why not take time to think about our own pet’s weight.

Can you pinch more than an inch?

Survey’s show that up to 50% of pets are overweight and this would certainly reflect what we see at Clontarf Veterinary Hospital

Read below some of Clontarf Veterinary Hospital’s Top Tips for keeping your pet fit not Fat


  • Feed a Good Quality Pet Food. Today pet foods are very advanced and scientifically researched so that they meet your pet’s exact nutritional requirements.
  • Exercise Regularly. This keeps your pet healthy both in body & mind. Well exercised dogs are less likely to get up to mischief!
  • Weigh Your Pet Regularly. Weight checks are free at all Anicare Veterinary Group’s  clinics in Blanchardstown Clontarf, Glasnevin, Palmerstown and Santry.
  • Feed for Your Pet’s Life stage. All good quality pet foods will have a range of foods tailored to suit your pet’s life stage. For example neutered pets and older pets have very different requirements to puppies or kittens.
  • Follow the Feeding Guidelines
  • Be cruel to be kind – If giving treats choose healthy, low calorie treats like vegetables such as carrots, peas.


  • Feed Titbits. Be strong and ignore those big brown begging eyes and feed titbits.
  • Feed left overs
  • Ignore Weight Gain – Obesity will reduce the length and quality of your pet’s life.
  • Forget the recommended guide is total daily amount – not the amount at each meal.
  • Let your pet be a couch potato.  Choose inventive locations for food i.e. place it at the top of the stairs or move its location around the house.



Want more help or advice just call Clontarf Veterinary Hospital on 01 8330744 or check out our facebook page which is all about weight watchers in January 2018









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