Keep Christmas Healthy for your Pets – Advice from Clontarf Veterinary Hospital



The first of December has arrived so we can now officially mention the ‘ X ‘ word ie CHRISTMAS!

We at Clontarf Veterinary Hospital are big fans of the festive season as no doubt your furry friends are too.

But just a timely piece of advice from Anicare’s Dublin Vets –  when you start the Christmas decorations think PET!

Plants look pretty but may be confused as food by dogs and cats and can cause mild to severe tummy upsets. So remember to keep them out of reach. Mistletoe, Holly and Ponsettia come to mind but don’t forget Lillies. Normally associate with Easter – these can very toxic to animals especially cats.Ornaments, tinsel and ribbon and wrapping paper can all look like enticing toys but if eaten can cause anything from an upset tummy to a bowel obstruction


So think before your decorate – that’s the advice from Clontarf Veterianry Hospital

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