Happy Endings for Alex the Swan!

colm and lauraAnicare Vet Colm and Anicare Veterinary Nurse Laura to the rescue for Alex the swan, along with all the amazing volunteers at Kildare Animal Foundation. A couple of weeks back, poor Alex swallowed a fishing hook lure and was safely captured by Kildare  Animal Foundation and brought for treatment. He was transferred to Botanic Veterinary Hospital for treatment.


At Botanic Veterinary Hospital in Glasnevin, Alex went under general anaesthetic to obtain x-rays. The hook was lodged in the oesophagus. Endoscopy (passing a fine camera down the food pipe) was used to remove the hook. It took great skill and patience by vet Colm to locate and successfully remove the offending hook. The procedure took two hours to skillfully manoeuvre​ the hook and release it from the oesophagus.

Alex the swan recovered well overnight and was transferred back to the Kildare Animal Foundation Unit for a couple of days rest and medication with the decidated volunteers. He was re-united with his partner (the newly name Laura) last week. A happy ending for Alex and Laura!!

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