Pets Happy this Christmas

Toby & Taz

Toby & Taz

We at Palmerstown Vets know that now that the holiday season is upon us our pets may begin to act a bit out of sorts. They may hide away in another part of the house, or become more vocal. They might even soil  in the house even though they are perfectly house or litter trained.


To avoid any upset or stress to your pet this Christmas there are a few tips from Palmerstown Vets.

Ready for Christmas



  • Keep to their routine
    • This means that if Fluffy normally gets breakfast at 8:30am and her morning walk at 10am to stick to those times as normal.
  • Avoid giving any unusual treats/people food
    • As this is a stressful time our pets tummy’s may not cope well with new foods and it may cause some sickness.
  • Use unbreakable decorations
    • Avoid using fragile decorations-such as baubles- as our cats love to play with these.
  • Ensure all cables are well protected
    • A strong cable guard will protect from our pets that feel like  having a quick nibble
  • Decorate the house over a week or two
    • This gives our pets a chance to adjust to new surroundings and not have to deal with a lot of change in one day.
  • Give your pet a safe place
    • A quiet room away from the hussle and bussle. Somewhere with a bed, food and water and plenty of toys to keep them entertained.
  • Ask visitors to give your pet some space
    • Instead of rubbing your pet to make friends, ask guests to give your pet one of their treats that you have prepared as part of their daily food ration.
  • Don’t forget our pets like presents too!
    • A new scratching post or a new puzzle game for your pet to unwrap will be very much appreciated and also keep them distracted while you open you all your nice presents












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