Daisy the Schnauzer – a success story at PVH



We wanted to share the story of Daisy, a very bouncy 16 week old schnauzer puppy.

She first came to our hospital as her owners felt she was not herself. Poor Daisy was feeling very unwell and vomiting.

It has taken the Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital team a lot of TLC and critical care to nurse Daisy back to health.


When medical treatment did not help Daisy’s symptoms our vet, Susan Barry, gave Daisy a general anaesthetic in order to take some x-rays to take a better look and to help explain what was causing her symptoms. From the x-rays, Susan felt that an exploratory laparotomy was needed in order to take a better look at Daisy’s internal organs.

During the laparotomy, Susan saw that Daisy had an uncommon, but potentially life threatening, condition called ‘Intussusception’. This means that the intestine was sliding or telescoping within itself. The surgery itself took 4 hours in which Susan had to remove nearly 50% of Daisy’s small intestine.

Daisy has recovered so well following her major surgery and there is no doubt that she has survived, thanks to Susan Barry and her team at Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital.


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