The Treat Launcher – a new way to exercise your dog’s body and brain

Any Anicare clients that have owned a hyperactive dog will know how much of a challenge it can be to keep them exercised both mentally as well as physically. A client of Blanchardstown Veterinary Hospital has used his experience with his own beagle to develop a new product aimed at combining mental and physical exercise in order to improve dog behaviour.

I asked Mark a number of questions about his new product, which he has called the Treat Launcher.

Where did the idea for the treat launcher come from?

The idea for the treat launcher came from having a very active beagle named Toby who even after going out jogging with me would still be full of energy and would show destructive behaviour in the home.

My wife who is a qualified dog trainer convinced me that Toby may be getting lots of physical exercise but was receiving very little in terms of mental exercise. Here in lay the problem and the treat launcher was born and literally changed Toby’s behaviour both on walks and in the home.

Can you describe how the Treat Launcher works for us?

The treat launcher is a fun feeding accessory that combines mental and physical exercise while out on a walks. It is very user friendly and it works by placing some of your dog’s dry food inside the specially designed ball which has scent holes to allow your dog to smell his food which increases his excitement.

Once the ball is launched and comes into contact with the ground it will open automatically and the food will be dispersed in different directions. The best place to use the treat launcher is out on walks on grass or hard sand.

treat launcher

What are the benefits for a dog using the treat launcher?

There are three main benefits to using the treat launcher.

1. Fitter: Your dog will become fitter and healthier due to more prolonged exercise.

2. Brain game: After the ball has opened on impact with the ground the dog will then begin to search for his food. This makes for a very enjoyable mental challenge helping to reduce unwanted behaviour in the home and on walks.

3. Weight loss: Getting your dog to work for his food will help return him to his ideal weight.

Can you explain why dogs need mental exercise?

All dogs need mental exercise – most dogs where bred for a purpose and they had a job to do like herding sheep, hunting or guarding, but for most dogs in today’s busy world now spend long hours alone which can make them frustrated and destructive or unresponsive to owners while out on a walk. When you start engaging your dog with the treat launcher they will become excited, happy and responsive and most of all satisfied.

If you are interested in learning more about Mark’s new produce have a look at his Facebook page  where you can see some videos of it in action!

If you want to pick up  a Treat Launcher they are available to purchase in Blanchardstown Veterinary Hospital for €9.99

Treat Launcher

Mark’s new Treat Launcher

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