BEWARE – don’t feed your dogs bones!

Roxy, a lovely young collie dog came in to see Sarah one of our vets at Botanic Veterinary Hospital in Glasnevin recently. She had been fed a lamb bone and the bone had become lodged in her mouth as you can see in this picture below

bone 2

Roxy needed to be admitted for some sedation in order to removed the problem piece of bone from around her teeth and gums. Thankfully Sarah managed to remove it with a forceps and Roxy was able to go home a happy hound!

bone 1







It’s really important to emphasise the dangers of feeding raw or cooked bones to our dogs. Cooked bones can easily splint and damage our pet’s mouth or cause more damage further down the GI tract. Raw bone can carry harmful bugs and cause illness also.

There are many safe and reliable chews and treats that you can feed your pet, such as Kong Toys, plain raw hide chews, etc. Please call into any of our veterinary clinics in Santry, Glasnevin, Clontarf, Blanchardstown and Palmerstown to discuss your best options! Anicare Vets and Nurses are here to answer your questions and offer the best advice!

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