A Wriggly Subject!

Kitty Taco


Our veterinary nurse Paula had a lovely surprise this week!

Her kitten Taco used his litter tray and when Paula was cleaning it out, she saw worms in his faeces.


Worms in kittens are very common. In fact, practically all kittens have worms and treatment to kill these worms is very important, as they can affect your kitten’s health and can be passed on to humans.

Kittens need to be treated more regularly than adult cats.

  • Until they are 3 months old, they should be wormed every 2 weeks.
  • Once they are the 3 months old, they need to be wormed every month
  • Once they reach 6 months of age, they should be treated at least every 3 months, or every month if using combined flea and worm treatment.


If you are unsure about your worming regime for your pet, as their lifestyle should be taken into account, pop into us here at Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital and we can advise you on the best treatment for your pet.

Oh and Taco is feeling much better now since he had his treatment!



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