A Day In The Life Of Maggie…Anicare Vet Zara’s Dog!

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Maggie is a 2.5 year old female crossbreed who proudly belongs to Zara, one of our Anicare vets. Maggie has the luxury of coming to work with Zara every day and so knows all of the clinics, staff  (and some clients) very well! She loves coming to work and playing with the occasional stray dog or kitten that comes in!


maggie1Maggie gets up at about 7.15 every morning and stretches out of her sleeping crate. She creeps upstairs for a quick snooze under the duvet before heading off on her morning commute before 8!








Maggie usually tries to get out for a run before her shift at Anicare Dublin Vet Hospital starts. She reaches the clinic for 9am and has some breakfast in the staff room while everybody else is off looking after Anicare’s inpatients, morning consultations and morning surgeries.


Maggie gets out for her midday exercise at about 2pm, depending on which clinic she’s at. Her maggie beachfavourite clinic is probably Clontarf Veterinary Hospital because sometimes she gets down to the seafront or beach when she’s here. But she’s lucky that Botanic, Blanchardstown, Santry and Palmerstown Veterinary Hospitals all have good green space near them too! The only day of the year that Maggie is a little less keen to come to work is when her Annual Booster Vaccinations are due, but she knows these injections are very important so she puts on a brave face!


At home time Maggie hops back into the car with her seatbelt. By the time she’s home in the evenings she’s fairly tired and happy to chill by the fire, unless the weather is mild, then she goes for another run!

Please call any of our Anicare Dublin Vet branches today if your pet is due any health checks or vaccinations, or if you have any other queries.













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