Clontarf Vets & the Fight against Fleas


Fleas can trouble your pet all year round – but they like heat so summer is flea season!

Individual animals react differently to having fleas and present with wide range of symptoms in Anicare’s Dublin Vet clinics. Some will simply be very itchy, which is bad enough in itself (imagine the feeling of having little creatures crawling over your body and biting you all the time!). Some dogs and cats, however, are highly allergic to flea saliva, and it’s these poor pets that suffer from flea allergic dermatitis, with severe skin irritation and hair loss. For these animals it may only take one or two fleas to cause a marked reaction, and they sometimes scratch until they bleed, and get infected sores. Fleas can also carry other disease such as tapeworm and can bite humans as well as pets.

So remember – use a flea product for your pet and use it regularly.

For more help and advice just contact our

Clontarf Veterinary Hospital on 8330744



Or better still why not make a free vet nurse appointment to have you pet checked out for fleas and get advsie on effective products you can use to protect your pet.Vet cleaning dog ear


Clontarf Vet hospital is celebrating 20 years in business this month.


So we are offering 20 free flea treatments – for detail of this offer check out our facebook page



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