Worming Advice from Anicare’s Dublin Vet Clinics

spay41Worms can damage the health of your pet and your family

Roundworms (including Toxocara ) and tapeworms are intestinal parasites which can be found in any dog or cat although infection is easily treated. Worms may cause sickness and diarrhoea in young animals. Adult animals may show no signs of ill health but still need regular worming. Human infection (toxocariasis) may occur if mature Toxocara canis eggs excreted by dogs are swallowed, however, it is very rare for anyone to become ill as a result. About 1-2% of healthy adults  already possess Toxocara antibodies which mean that they have been exposed to Toxocara eggs or larvae with no ill effects. Children are more vulnerable to Toxocara infection because they might pick it up when playing on grassland where the faeces from dogs carrying worms have been deposited. In exceptional cases it can cause damage to the eye in young children. Cats too cat be infected with worms and it is particularly important to worm them if they are hunters.

So protect your pet and protect your family – worm your pet and do so regularly at the very least every 3 months.

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