Mr.Duke’s skin story at Anicare Dublin vets

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Mr. Duke is a gorgeous 5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who attends Santry Veterinary Clinic in Dublin and is looked after by Anicare vet Michael Hatton. Mr. Duke had long since suffered with chronic skin allergies which left his skin itchy and damaged around his eyes and face in particular. His owners Rachel and Sean attended multiple vets over the years to try to resolve the longstanding skin issues. Many medicines and diets were trialled but nothing took care of the problem for long. As the skin is the largest organ in the body, when Mr. Duke’s skin was flaring, it was really affecting his happiness and comfort.

Anicare Dublin vet Michael saw Mr. Duke for his annual booster vaccination and health check in January of this year and discussed trialling Mr. Duke on a skin allergy medicine called ‘Atopica’.  The active ingredient in ‘Atopica’ is a drug called cyclosporine, which works to control itch from the immune cell level. Within six weeks of starting the medicine trial, Mr. Duke was a new dog. His hair had grown back and his irritated skin was now healthy and pain free. His owners are delighted with the difference in him. They report that he’s back to his bossy self! Mr. Duke will likely need to stay on this medicine long-term to manage his skin allergy condition.

Rachel, his owner, sent in a few before and after shots of Mr. Duke. She reported it was tough to nail them down to so few because he is just too cute!  I’m sure you will all agree!


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And After….

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