Tips on Travelling with your pet


It is becoming more and more popular to bring our pets with us when we go away on holiday or are travelling abroad.

Below are some top tips which will help get your pet ready for the trip.





Three things you will need:
  1. Microchips are small devices (about the size of a grain of rice)  which are placed under the skin of your pet. When scanned,  the microchip will send a unique number to the scanner. This number is put into a special database to find your details.  It is important to give as much information as possible when registering your pets microchip as it will make it easier to contact you if your pet ever did go missing.  Microchipping is a very quick procedure. You can book an appointment with one of our vets to get your pet microchipped. Just call 01 6237044 or click here
  2. Pet Passports are legal documents which have all of your pet’s details; name, age, breed,  microchip number and vaccination records in them. They even have a space for a photo!
  3. Rabies vaccination – before your pet travels they will need to get an injection to protect them against rabies, however this depends on the country you are travelling too.
You can organise getting a pet passport through Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital.
Some countries ask for extra requirements on top of standard vaccinations before you can enter with your pet so make sure to check with the Department of Agriculture or the Embassy of the country you want to travel to before you go, to make sure everything is covered!
You can get your pet microchipped and get their very own passport in the one



To book your appointment, call us on 01 6237044  or you can click here

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