Benji’s top class care at our Dublin Vet hospitals!

benji 0Meet Benji. Benji belongs to Anicare vet Zara’s Mum! Benji was rescued to his current owner a couple of years ago. A Lily White, he came from county Kildare and had no known medical history. It became apparent after Benji settled in that he had a problem with one of his front legs and was constantly going lame on it. Anicare vet Zara tried him with pain relief anti-inflammatories and he always responded but the limp always returned! Benji was booked in for x-rays at our Blanchardstown Veterinary Hospital in Dublin 15. His x-rays showed lots of pieces of shot-gun pellet sitting out in his foot- it is presumed Benji might have been a sheep chaser in a former life and perhaps he annoyed one too many farmers!
Benji more recently developed a reaction to one piece of pellet and the toe joint became very painful. Benji was booked into Botanic Veterinary Hospital for surgery with Anicare vet Kieran who performed orthopaedic surgery to address the pain in the joint. Check out these great pics of benji’s toe with the orthopaedic plate and pins in place!
benji 3
 benji 4
Benji is now walking better than ever on the leg and his owners are delighted. He no longer needs any anti-inflammatories but he is on a special joint care diet in order to help optimise his success after having bone surgery. Needless to say he can’t be let off the lead in case he chases any more sheep!

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