Stem Cell therapy for pets


Here at Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital, we have two very well known Newfoundland dogs who visit our practice regularly, Russell & Bear.


Both Bear & Russell have osteoarthritis in their elbows and knees and they are the first, of very few dogs in Ireland, to try stem cell treatment.

Two weeks ago, Shane Guerin, a vet with  Gillabbey Veterinary Hospital in Cork, took fatty tissue from their hips and sent these to a UK laboratory where they are processing the fatty tissue to extract stem cells.

The cells that are collected do several things – they release chemicals that help decrease inflammation; they send out chemicals to the body to bring healing cells into that area; and they have the potential to regenerate damaged tissue—in other words, nearly reproducing tissue as it was at a younger stage.

As they are the dogs own natural healing cells, there is less chance of rejection or interaction and there are potentially fewer side effects.

Under local anesthesia, these cells will then be re-injected back into Bear and Russell’s arthritic joints, in a greater concentration than their own bodies could have accomplished.


We will be following their progress and will keep you updated!

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