PYOMETRA – A happy ending for the lovable Rogue at our Dublin Vet Hospital!

rogue 1

Meet Rogue, she is a 1yr 8 month old German Shepherd. Her owner brought her to see Anicare vet Michael in our Santry Veterinary Clinic last week. Her owners reported that she was just finished her heat and was not herself. She was out of sorts and had a discharge from her back end. When Michael examined her, he advised that he was concerned that Rogue was suffering from an infection in the womb. He referred her to Anicare’s Botanic Veterinary Hospital in Glasnevin, on Dublin’s northside to undergo an ultrasound scan to confirm. The scan confirmed a pyometra.


Pyometra is a potentially life- threatening infection of the uterus (womb). It happens in female dogs that have not been spayed (neutered). It is more common in older bitches but can happen in dogs as young as Rogue occasionally. Each time a bitch has a heat (typically twice per year), her body experiences hormonal changes. The changes that occur in the uterus with each season make infection of the womb more likely. One of the main reasons for spaying your female dog before her first heat is to prevent pyometra from happening.


Rogue underwent a surgery at Anicare’s Botanic Veterinary Hospital to remove her infected womb (similar to a hysterectomy). This is a picture of a healthier but groggy Rogue on the evening after her surgery! The surgery was very successful and Rogue is currently recouperating with her loving family at home.


The most important message is that pyometra is a very serious condition that is completely preventable by neutering/ spaying your bitch at a young age. Anicare Vets recommend that you spay your bitch from age 5-6months. This is before they come into their first heat.  There is no good reason to keep your female dog entire unless you are certain you want to breed from her. Please do not hesitate to call any of our Dublin vet clinics/ hospitals for further advice on neutering your precious pets.




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