Keeping your Cat Indoors – Advise from Clontarf Vets

At Clontarf Veterinary Hospital we recognise that for many people giving their pet cat the option to spend some time outdoor is not always possible. In fact all of our Anicare Dublin Vet Clinics see an increasing number of clients who keep their cat indoors. Here are some of Clontarf Vets tips on keeping your cat happy and healthy indoors.

  1. Consider getting two!  They will amuse each other and you won’t feel guilty leaving them alone
  2. Obesity is a real problem in indoor cats – make sure you feed the right amount and make sure he exercises by playing with toys. This is important for both his physical and mental health
  3. Litters Trays – you need at least one for each cat plus one extra to avid stress associated with littering which can lead to cystitis. Cats like privacy – keep the trays in quiet secluded areas
  4. Scratching Posts Cats like to scratch to stretch their muscles, especially after they’ve woken up.  They also need to scratch to remove shed claws. On that note, not walking on hard surfaces will mean the claws of indoor cats will grow too long, so invest in some good clippers and ask your vet or nurse to show you how to use them.
  5. Cat Proof your house or flat. Ensure that no chemicals are left lying around. No windows and doors left open – upstairs also!. Don’t leave drinks, pot plants or expensive ornaments somewhere where they can be knocked over. 


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