Protect Your Best Friend – Anicare Veterinary Group in Dublin launch Vaccine Amnesty for Dogs

SeamusWe all understand the importance of regular vaccinations to keep our pets healthy. Thanks to widespread vaccination some previously common fatal illnesses have been almost eliminated entirely (for example Distemper which is now rarely seen anywhere in Ireland), and others have been reduced significantly (for example Parvovirus, but sadly we do still see dogs die of this one in Dublin).

In order to be fully protected a dog needs to complete a primary vaccination course, and then receive regular annual booster vaccinations (similar to flu vaccinations in people). If a dog’s booster vaccination is over 6 months late it is recommended to follow up with an additional booster vaccination in 4 weeks to re-establish a protective immunity.

Anicare Vets are now running a vaccine amnesty for dogs – any dogs overdue a vaccination by more than 6 months that are brought in for a booster vaccination before the end of November 2014 will be entitled to receive their follow up vaccination 4 weeks later free of charge. We encourage all of our clients whose dog’s boosters may have lapsed to avail of this vaccine amnesty. If you are not sure whether your dog is overdue please call your local branch and we can check for you.

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