Prepare your pet for Halloween: Advice from Palmerstown vets

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Here at Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital, we are in the Halloween mood and have decorated our reception area with some spooky cobwebs, pumpkin lights and lots of spiders!

We also have some useful tips to prepare your pet for the firework season posted on our noticeboard.


When you visit us, you will see the ‘Den’ that we have built for Bailey. We are encouraging all pet owners to ‘Build A Den’ for their pet in preparation for Halloween. Once you build your Den,  send us a photo by email to or send us a message on our Facebook page by October 27th. We have an Adaptil hamper and a Feliway goodie bag for the winning entries!

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Some tips on building your Den:

  1. Ideally the den should be built in advance of the fireworks approximately one month ahead of time.
  2. The idea of a den is to protect your pet from the loud noises and flashes associated with fireworks.
  3.  Associating the den with positive experiences is important, reward your pet whilst they are in the den with treats and their favourite toy.
  4. The den can be made from any material so long as it is safe and comfortable. You can build a den with a cardboard box and a blanket or even make a safe haven in between two chairs with a sheet draped over.
  5. If your pet is used to sleeping in a crate, a towel or blanket could be used to cover the crate.
  6. Dogs/cats normally have a place where they prefer to hide, normally where there are people.  The location of the den should be somewhere that provides comfort and security.
  7. By plugging an Adaptil/Feliway Diffuser near the den and/or by spraying the inside of the den with Adaptil/Feliway spray, pets can feel safer.

Don’t forget, entries need to be in by October 27th. Call us on 01 6237044 if you have any questions. Good Luck!











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