Pet Insurance Advice from North Dublin Veterinary Hospital

Here at Anicare Veterinary Group we strongly advise taking out pet insurance for your pet. With pet insurance you will be able to provide your pet with the best medical care possible in the unfortunate event of an accident or illness. Insurance is an affordable way to protect you and your pet against any unforseen circumstances. Most insurance policies offer a wide variety of benefits to you and your pet:

  • Vet fees
  • Boarding kennel or cattery fees if you are in hospital
  • Holiday cancellation if your pet is hospitalised or goes missing
  • Advertising and rewards if your pet goes missing
  • Third party liability and legal costs if your pet damages property or injures another person
  • Death of your pet from illness or accident
  • Theft or straying of your pet

Veterinary fees can oftentimes catch us off guard when a serious condition or illness occurs with our pets. For example, fractured legs are unfortunately a common presentation in our Dublin vet hospitals, post road traffic accidents, etc. The typical cost of a fracture repair can range from €600-€1,200. Here at Anicare, we always endeavour to provide the best possible standard of care. Realistically, however, we appreciate that this can be expensive, and it can be very difficult when a pet’s health is compromised by financial constraints. Hence, we strongly advocate taking out pet insurance for that extra peace of mind.

There are a number of pet insurance companies working in Ireland. Choosing the right company/ policy for you and your pet can be confusing. Most insurance policies cover veterinary fees for a pet for between €2,500- €4,000 per condition per year. Depending on the company/ policy you choose, there is generally a policy excess per condition per year of between €60-€150. Preventative treatments such as annual vaccinations and worming are not covered by insurance policies. Many insurance companies will offer discounts on the cost of insurance premiums for pensioners, micro-chipped pets and multi-pet households.

Ideally pet insurance should be taken out early in your pet’s life (before any pre-existing conditions affect what the insurance policy will and will not cover). However, it is generally possible to take out insurance on any pet up until they reach 8 years of age (selected breeds to the age of 5). Here at Anicare, we can offer 6 weeks free insurance with any dog or cat health check on behalf of Allianz Pet Insurance. This offer is available for any dog or cat aged between 8 weeks and 5 years. We must emphasise that Anicare does not sell insurance, we merely provide the option to avail of a good quality insurance policy with a reputable company.

It is important to research all options before deciding which company/ policy suits your circumstances best. Here at Anicare we are happy to give any advice we can regarding taking out your pet insurance. We can offer a free appointment at any of our five Dublin vet clinics with one of our qualified nurses to address any of your queries and concerns regarding pet insurance

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