Anicare staff enjoy the Dogs Trust Fur Ball

On July 19th the staff at Botanic Veterinary Hospital were delighted to attend “Fur Ball” in aid of Dogs Trust. After experiencing the dedication and the hard work that Dogs Trust does all year round we were very happy to support them in the opening of their new puppy wing.
Anicare staff at the Dogs trust fur Ball
Dogs Trust is based in the UK and Ireland and is Ireland’s largest dog welfare charity. They work tirelessly to re- home and rehabilitate abused and abandoned dogs. In addition to this Dogs Trust has developed a neutering campaign to reduce the amount of unwanted dogs on our streets.  The Dogs Trust re-homing centre in Dublin currently houses up to 170 dogs at any one time.
Dogs Trust has set up a new puppy wing, The “Clarissa Baldwin Puppy Wing” This will help save the lives of more than 500 additional puppies every year. This wing has been built in response to the surging levels of puppies being abandoned in Ireland. The new Puppy Wing will be a home to 7 mothers and up to 70 puppies at any one time and will provide all aspect of care and socialization needed to prepare these puppies for a loving home.
This new puppy wing has been named in honour of Clarissa Baldwin. Clarissa Baldwin joined the offices of Dogs Trust in 1974 on a six month contract. She has been chief executive of the charity since 1986. Clarissa has done amazing work within the charity over the years and her dedication is inspirational. When asked to come up with a slogan that encapsulates their work at the charity she invented the very famous phrase “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas”.
The night proved to be great fun for everyone. The event was help in the Mansion House and was hosted by comedian Johnny Vegas, and Maia Dunphy. We had great fun taking pictures with the different props at the entrance and each table was cleverly named after a dog breed with us at Anicare Veterinary Hospital being “the Cavaliers”. Lots of amazing prizes had been donated in aid of a raffle which took place between courses and as well as this we had a lovely presentation and video from Dogs Trust highlighting the great work that they do. We also heard from executive director of Dogs Trust Ireland Mark Beazly who commented on the importance of this new wing in the fight against puppy farming. These presentations were then rounded off by a hilarious performance by comedian Karl Spain. A great night was had by all of us and in the end E27,000k was raised for this amazing cause.
The new puppy wing is going to cost a huge 400k to run annually so Dogs Trust welcome any donations. These can be made directly in the re-homing centre or on their website
Anicare Veterinary Group were proud to help with this worthy cause and we recommend all anyone who is looking for a new pet to consider visiting Dogs Trust.

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