Curious Cruising cat……

We at Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital, are suckers for a heart warming story.

Let me tell you about Pearl, a 9 month old female cat who went on an adventure that was never intended.

A friend of mine LOVES cats so she was delighted when she arrived home one day to find the cutest kitten outside of her front door meowing loudly and craving attention. This cat was not from the neighbourhood.

When the front door was opened this little cat quickly made herself at home: devouring plate of food and snuggling into the sofa. It was obvious to my friend that this cat was well cared for, and used to living with a family.

My friend logged onto a “Lost Cat” website and scrolled through all of the pictures until she found a picture which was identical to the little cat asleep on her sofa!

The advert said that the cat had gone missing 10 days ago from the opposite side of Dublin.

My friend called the number on the advert and the lady that answered seemed suspicious as her cat had gone missing from Blanchardstown, close to the veterinary hospital. How could her cat now be in Chapelizod? My friend emailed her a picture of the little cat and the lady confirmed that it was her cat.

The owner got straight into her car and came to collect her lost cat. The reunion between cat and owner was tear-jerking with the little cat – whose name was “Pearl” wrapping herself around the owners legs and meowing loudly!

Pearl belonged to a little boy and girl and 10 days ago the family took a trip from Blanchardstown to Chapelizod. Pearl must have jumped into the car without the family realising and alighted when the car stopped in Chapelizod. Pearl must have been very frightened in this unknown land and wandered for 10 days trying to find her family – that is when she arrived at my friend’s door, hungry and worn out.

When my friend arrived home form work the next day, there was something else at her front door: a big bunch of flowers with a note:

“Thanks for finding my family, I will be forever grateful” xxx Pearl

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