Puppy Parties in Palmerstown


Puppy Parties at Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital


Got a new puppy! Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital are running a 4 week socialisation course. We cover different topics each week including toilet training, bite inhibition and at the same time it is a fun and playful experience for your puppy.


The most important period in a puppies life is between 8 – 18 weeks old as this is when they develop their social skills and personalities. These classes are all about socialising your puppies with people and other puppies in a safe and fun environment.


Puppy Parties at Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital

Caitriona, our experienced veterinary nurse, is running these classes and is on hand to give you lots of advice on topics from toilettraining, play biting to feeding and teaching different commands.


It is a 4 week course that runs each month. The classes are between 8-9pm in Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital. If you would like to sign up for our next puppy class or if you have any queries please contact Caitriona in on 01-6237044.







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