Attention overweight pets attending our North Dublin Vet Hospital

Up to 50% of the pets attending our Dublin Veterinary Hospitals are above their ideal weight. An overweight pet lives a shorter life as the increase of conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, heart and lung disease all increase.

Just like us weight gain occurs when your pet gets too many calories and not enough exercise. It is hard sometimes to resist giving Buster an extra treat or extra food when he looks at you with those longing eyes.

Other factors can also contribute. Older pets need less calories than younger pets, certain breeds are more prone to obesity and neutering can alter your pets metabolism making them prone to weight gain.

The signs that your pet is overweight can be any of the following.

  • Inability to feel your pets ribs
  • Loss of obvious waist
  • Collar needing adjusting
  • Tiredness at exercise
  • Sluggishness

We are happy in any of our North Dublin Vet Hospitals to advise if your pet is overweight and to advise on your pets ideal weight. We are equally happy to advise on a customised feeding plan and we also run a pet weight watchers clinic where we check your pets weight once a fortnight and supply a prescription diet which will adhere to your pet reaching his target weight.

Where as in the past diet foods had largely relied on being high in fibre to produce  weight loss, an exciting new product has been launched to the market. This product is something totally different and is called Hills Metabolic. It is available for both cats and dogs and has a unique mode of action in that it activates the bodies natural ability to burn excess body fat. It has been proven and in our clinical experience it can safely provide up to 30% body fat loss in dogs and cats in two months. Equally with it your pet will feel full and satisfied between meals, but the most exciting aspect of this food is that once the weight loss is obtained the quantity of the food fed can be greatly increased to, in many cases an ad lib bases and your pet will not regain the weight lost.

So if your pet is overweight don’t hesitate to call any of our North Dublin Vet Hospitals ( and our staff will be happy to advise.



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