Introducing a new Kitten – Advise from a Dublin Vet clinic

iStock_000017882198XSmallRecently we made the decision to get a new kitten but we already had a ten year old cat called Goose. So before making the decision to add to our feline family we had a little thinking to do. We wanted to be sure the two would get along together and become the best of friends.  To help with this we made plans about how we were going to slowly introduce them to each other.  We have a spare room which we used for Andi (our new kitten) to stay and play in. This gave Goose some space and freedom to relax away from the hyperactive youngster. It also gave Goose time to get used to the idea of a new feline companion. I was lucky enough that I could take her into work at Clontarf Veterinary Clinic each day home and back home in the evening. This meant we were able to slowly introduce them to each other. We would let them see each other for just a few minutes and then for longer periods building it up over the evenings and weekends. When Andi was not with Goose we would leave her blanket in Goose’s bed. So he could smell her and know her smell the next time he saw her. Now after just a few weeks together they are becoming the best of friends and spend most of their time together. However like any young kitten she can have still have her mad moments when with a burst of energy and she runs around like a mad thing and wants Goose to join in the fun. Sometimes he is not in the mood for that so we just put her in her ‘play’ with all her toys where she can expel some of her boundless energy whilst leaving ‘the old man’ in peace.

It took a little time to get them on a level grounding but now they are the best of mates. Goose has a new lease of life keeping fit playing with Andi. And then when all the games are over they relax and groom each other –best of friends!


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