Clontarf Veterinary Hospital’s New Puppy Survival Guide

iStock_000023023280XSmallNew Puppy Survival Guide from a North Dublin Vet Clinic:

Getting a new puppy is an exciting adventure for any owner. Eimear o’Brien – Clontarf Veterinary Hospital’s veterinary nurse gives you her new puppy survival guide.

Getting ready for the new arrival:-

Having your home prepared for the new arrival will help them settle in to their new home. A few things that you can get before you bring the puppy home are:

What will I need?

  • – A food bowl and water bowl
  • – A comfortable bed ( some people choose to use crates)
  • – A selection of suitable toys for their size, puppy proof, and benefits for teething
  • – Brushes and combs

First few days:

The first few days with your new puppy can be an exciting time and a learning experience for the whole family. It can also be a scary experience for puppy, leaving there mum, brothers and sisters and the enviornment they have known. A couple of tips to make this transition at night time easier for your puppy include:

  • – A cuddly teddy ( company in a new bed)
  • – A small ticking clock ( heart beat of mum and siblings)
  • – A hot water bottle wrapped in a blanket or towel.
  • – A jumper or t-shirt of main caregiver. ( security)


  • Puppies 6-12 weeks old need to be fed a complete puppy food four times daily.
  • From 12 – 20 weeks old feed 3 times a day
  • Puppies 6 months to a year can be fed twice daily.
  •  Ensure fresh clean water is always provided at all times and changes at least once daily.

What to expect in the first year

 Two sets of vaccinations ( two weeks apart)

  • Some breeders will have given ‘the first vaccine’ before you get your puppy. Be sure to bring the vaccination card with you to Clontarf Veterianry Hospital .
  • First vaccination ~ 6-8weeks
  • Second vaccination ~ 10-12 weeks
  • Yearly booster there after

Microchipping ( complusory from 2016)


  • Every 2 weeks between 4-12weeks old
  • Monthly between 12weeks – 6months
  • Every 3 months after that

Flea treatment

Monthly from 7 weeks old * flea and worm treatment can be combined in a handy ‘spot on’ treatment

  • Helps avoid unwanted litters and also has many health benefits
  • From 6 months old in both male and female

The vets in Clontarf vet clinic in Dublin recommend you let your puppy settle in at home for a day or two before they get there vaccinations. However clontarf veterinary Hospital and all our Anicare Dublin Vet Clinic offer free nurse puppy checks that can be done before vaccinations. Our fully qualified veterinary nurses will go through feeding, flea and worming treatments, microchipping, discuss neutering and also carry out a health check.

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