Don’t forget the dog license…..

image02Here at the Anicare vet hospitals we are only too aware of the many responsibilities that go hand in hand with keeping a pet dog.

However, vets in Dublin often notice that one responsibility that is often overlooked is: getting the dog a license!!!

Palmerstown vet, Susan, gives 3 reasons to get a dog license:

1. It’s the law. All dogs over 4 months of age must have a license.

2. The cost of a dog license is cheaper than the fine you get for not having one!

    1 year dog license= € 20       or

    Lifetime dog license=€140

If you do not have a dog license you may be liable to pay a €100 “on the spot” fine. Failure to pay this may lead to a €2,500 fine and or a 3 month jail sentence!

3. Revenue from dog licenses helps fund the operation of the dog control services in our local Dublin areas.

Where does one get a dog license?

A dog license can be purchased at your local post office. You will then get a reminder letter each year reminding you to renew your license. Once your dog is registered at the post office, you can renew your license in subsequent years on- line.

So the advice from Botanic, Clontarf, Blanchardstown and Palmerstown pet hospitals is:


Don’t forget to get your dog a license!

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