Increased incidence of flea infestation reported by our Dublin Vet

Dublin Vet Michael Hatton reports a significant increase in the number of pets he is seeing suffering from dermatitis caused by fleas. This is largely a result of the current heatwave. Fleas love the hot weather and complete their life cycle in a much shorter period, in fact they can complete their life cycle in 12 days or less in this heat. Give one flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day, in no time at all your pet can have his own family of fleas. Unfortunately they spend 95% of their time off the host and in the environment, so your house can end up with than some less than welcome occupants!

In our Dublin Vet Hospitals we often see pets with skin complaints caused by fleas. These problems arise as every time the flea bites your pet to ingest blood he also injects a small amount of saliva and it is an allergy to this that causes scratching. The more scratching the itchier the skin becomes and in no time , one can end up with a severe wet eczema and a very distressed dog/ cat. Indeed fleas are the commonest cause of itchy skin in both dogs & cats, and are always the first thing to eliminate in any skin work up.

Fortunately in our Dublin Vet Hospitals we have some very effective treatment for your pet which will rapidly kill the fleas both on your pet and also control them in the environment. These come in both spot on treatments and tablet form, and are effective in a very short time. The spot on application is a tube which is squeezed onto the skin at the back of the neck, or if one doesn’t feel comfortable with the spot on an oral tablet is available. They can both be used to treat an infestation, but equally on a prophylactic basis, after all its better  your pet doesn’t get these unwelcome intruders. Products we stock include Advocate, Advantage and Comfortis which are all very safe but equally effective, but our qualified staff will be happy to advise you the best option for your pet.  Washing your pet with a flea shampoo may kill the fleas on your pet at the time, but they will quickly re infest themselves from the environment.

Also for severe infestations we stock an environmental spray called Acclaim, which you can use to control fleas in your home.

So visit any of Anicare’s Dublin Vets for advice or for your flea control products, and remember fleas can act as intermediate hosts for tapeworms, so a worm dose may also be advisable.

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