Heat Stroke in our Dublin Veterinary Hospital

In May this year we posted a blog on heat stroke in dogs just after we had  seen our first case of the year in one of our Dublin Vet Clinics. Fortunately the dog who had been left in a car for a few minutes whilst the owner did an errand survived but it brings to attention the necessity of being very careful to always attend to ones pet and to ensure water and shade are always available. The good weather has returned and while we all enjoy the glorious sunshine its it important to remember many of our pets find the high temperatures stressful. Excess heat will cause  heat stroke which results in the destruction of cells and causes the blood to thicken making it difficult for the heart to pump it around the body.  Very soon your beloved pet can change from being a normal lively dog to being a hot dog.


So please be careful and always provide water and shade for your pet. Equally on a hot day it may be better to leave your pet at home rather then take him to  a crowded place and if walking remember to bring some water not just for yourself but for your pet also. And should your pet ever be misfortunate enough to suffer from heat stroke remember prompt treatment is vital so rush him to one of our Dublin Vet Hospitals as quickly as possible.

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