Microchipping in our Dublin Vets

We encourage all pet owners to microchip their pets in all our Dublin Vet Surgeries. This is a simple procedure that involves the insertion of a small microchip approximately the size of a grain of rice under the skin of your pet. It can be performed during a consult and is a procedure that is quick and usually well tolerated by your pet. It is very important once the procedure is done that the details are registered on a database that is easily searched and all microchips inserted in our Anicare Dublin vet surgeries are registered on the Fido database that is part of the Europet net. The onus is on the owner of the pet to enter the details and this can be done on their website or by post.

We have encountered a significant number of pets in our Dublin vets whose chip has not been registered, whilst we can search our own database for all pets we have microchipped we need to search online for  pets chipped elsewhere and it would appear a large number of owners may forgot to register their pets chip. This is why here in our Dublin vet practice we routinely check microchips and that the details concerning them are correct.

A further advantage of chipping is many pet insurance companies give a discount for microchipped pets. From 2015/2016 it will be compulsory to microchip all dogs in Ireland. If you want your pets microchip checked or to check it is registered correctly please call of any of Anicares Dublin Vet clinics. There is no charge for this service which will be carried out by one of our team of qualified nurses.

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