Getting the Cat in the Basket!

Not letting the cat out of the bag might be one thing but getting the cat into the bag or carrier in the first place is quite another!

It is true that cats especially indoor cats can put up quite a fuss when trying to get them into a carrier.

For many cats the production of the cat carrier usually means a trip to the vets – so they are often not too keen to get into it.

But a trip to the vet does not have to be a trauma!

Here are some of Clontarf Veterinary Hospital’s tips


  • Choose your carrier carefully. There are lots on the market but one where the top can come off completely can make entry and exit less of a struggle.
  •  Use the base at home as a comfort spot for your cat – fit it out with a comfy blanket to encourage your cat to use it.
  • Feed your cat treats inside your carrier.
  • Before your trip make a cosy bed in the carrier with familiar items and smells.
  • Give your cat time to get accustomed to a new carrier.
  • Leave the door open and encourage your cat to sleep in it
  • If you have two cats better to use separate carriers – even the best of friends can fall out when they are feeling a little stressed.
  • Use feliway  available at Anicare Clontarf  a synthetic feline pheromone that is calming to most cats – it can be sprayed or wiped onto the carrier prior to the trip for added comfort

      Still having problems?


(a)    Place the carrier on its end

(b)   Pick up the cat with one hand placed under its front legs and the other hand supporting its bottom.

(c)    Tail goes in first

(d)   Tilt the cat so that when the torso is released it can only go into the carrier

(e)   Close the door and secure the latch

(f)     Slowly lay the carrier down in the correct position

Lastly – would you like to  to see how it’s done then just go to  Anicare Veterinary Group Facebook page

and watch Clontarf Veterinary Hospital’s nurse Maeve Deady’s lastest ‘How To Video’ and she will show you just how to get your cat into its’s basket!

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