A students view of veterinary nursing!

My name is Emma and I am a third year veterinary nursing student in UCD. I have my final year to go before I qualify.

I have always had a keen passion for animals and have always had pets from as young as I can remember. I knew from a very young age it was the veterinary profession I wanted to go into. It is a tough course which requires a lot of work and research in order to do well. I absolutely love the course and the profession to which I have entered.



There is never a dull day either in college or when on placement and it is very rewarding work. Seeing patients go home after being ill is the best part after spending so much time nursing them back to health. Many people think the job just involves cuddling small furries all day long but it is a lot more than that.

I have just finished work placement with Anicare at Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital. I have completed seven weeks prior to Christmas and another eight weeks since March this year. You will never learn as much in lectures in college as you do while out seeing practice. This experience has allowed me to put everything I have learned in lectures in college into practice. When going into practice for a long time it is very hard to know what to expect but I have genuinely enjoyed every day I have spent there. I have learned so much while on placement here and have been lucky with the practice I got placed with. Both the vets and vet nurses here have spent so much time teaching me so much more and I have picked up such valuable information and have seen and learned about so many different cases.

The staff has never failed to help or answer questions I have had. I was never left going home wondering about the answer to something. Their passion for their job and the animals has been very evident to me throughout my whole experience.

My final year consists of another set of placement in the UCD veterinary hospital and then finishing final year with practical exams. When I qualify from this veterinary nursing degree I do hope to go on and further my career by doing veterinary medicine as I do have a keen passion for the medical and surgical side of the veterinary profession.

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