Puppy Socialisation- Your Questions Answered.

What? is Puppy Socialisation?

Socialisation involves meeting and having pleasant encounters with many adults, children, dogs (puppies and adults), and other animals.
Puppies need to get used to a wide range of events, environments and situations early in life.


Why? is it important to socialise your puppy?
Socialisation is vital to ensure your puppy grows into a well-balanced and stable dog. Lack of socialisation is the most common reason for aggression in adult dogs. By preparing your puppy to live in our human world you are considerably reducing the risks of them developing many behavioural problems as they get older. Dogs that were taken out regularly as puppies can take different situations in their stride and enjoy going anywhere with their owners. Dogs that like people can be taken anywhere and live life to the full. Undersocialised puppies grow into adult dogs that can be frightened not friendly.

The sooner the better!
During the early weeks, a puppy will approach anything or anybody willingly and without fear.By the time it reaches about 12 weeks of age, any new encounter will be approached with caution and trepidation.Therefore it is vital that a puppy meets a wide variety of people, situations and other animals between 3 and 12 weeks of age. Puppies usually go to new homes from the age of about 6-8 weeks.This means you should make a real effort to socialise your new puppy well during your first few months together.Socialisation after this time is also necessary to build on the foundation or to make up for lost time, particularly if your puppy was not socialised adequately in the litter.

Until your puppy is fully vaccinated you can not take him into public places. Newer vaccines such as the one we use at Anicare allow your puppy to start his vaccination course as young as six weeks allowing for earlier socialisation than was once possible.
Also our puppy classes run at Anicare Clontarf   Anicare Glasnevin   &  Anicare Palmerstown are open to puppies who have had their first vaccination allowing them a head start on the socialisation process.

So if you have a new puppy or are thinking of getting one give us a call at any one of the Anicare Veterinary Hospitals so that your puppy can have the best start in life!

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