Keeping your rabbit happy, not just at Easter

Keeping your rabbit happy

As Easter approaches we felt it might be a opportune time to give some useful pointers as to how to keep your rabbit happy and hopping!. We see a large number of rabbits in our practices in North Dublin and as such all vets in Anicare have a keen interest and expertise in dealing with them.

Rabbits are excellent pets and can be kept both indoors in a house where like cats they can be litter trained although the faeces which are solid will require vacuuming or outdoors in a suitable hutch which will require cleaning once or twice a week.

Rabbits both male and female should be neutered at 4-6 months of age. Neutered rabbits are healthier and live longer than unneutered rabbits. Female rabbits can suffer from reproductive cancers and these are virtually eliminated by speying your female rabbit. Also when neutered rabbits tend to be calmer easier to train and handle less destructive and aggressive.

Rabbits also require vaccination against both myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease and a combined vaccination is available which can be given from 5 weeks of age .A booster is required once a year.

Feeding is a combination of pellets, hay vegetables and fresh water.

Rabbits are lagormorphs which means their teeth are constantly growing and to help prevent overgrowth of their teeth it is useful to provide a branch of an apple or pear tree for them to chew on.

It is important to check your rabbit each day to insure he or she is eating/drinking and passing faeces, also to check that there is no accumulation of faeces which can get trapped in the hair under the tail and in the Summer as a result they can suffer from fly strike.. Some rabbits need to have their nails trimmed.

Common issues seen in our hospitals in Glasnevin, Blanchardstown,Santry and Clontarf are dental issues, abscesses and diarrhoea as well as occasional neurological issues. Fortunately our expertise with rabbits means we will always do our best to insure a successful outcome. It is especially important with rabbits if they stop eating for early intervention.

So its not just the Easter bunny who gets the expert attention. We are always happy to treat rabbits and see clients from all areas and districts of Dublin
from Clonsilla to Malahide.

A happy Easter to one and all.

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