What not to Feed your Pet!




Many foods that are harmless to humans can be potentially poisonous to pets – here are a few of the more common ones to watch for.




Chocolate:- Most pet owners know chocolate can be poisonous to pets. Baker’s chocolate is the most harmful and more so to dogs than cats. Cats tend not to like the taste of chocolate but dogs love it – good to remember with Easter just around the corner!

Grapes :–  What could seem more harmless?  Raisins and grapes are promoted as healthy treats for children – but not so with our pets. They can cause kidney failure in some cases. The exact reason why is not known and depends largely on the individual pet’s susceptibility. Some dogs can eat a pound of grapes with no ill effects whilst in rare cases one small raisin can cause kidney failure and death.

Onions:-  These can cause damage to the body’s red blood cells causing anaemia. Cats are more at risk than dogs. Garlic is similar to onions and can potentially do the same harm.

Chewing Gum:-  Often gum and some sweets contain xylitol – this effects blood sugar levels causing them to drop to a dangerously low levels.

Alcohol:-  Bit of a no brainer you might think but it does happen – most often at parties when a dog might lap up beer spills. Alcohol affects a dog’s brain and liver in the same way it affects us but they have smaller organ so there is potential for more harm.

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