Dogs need peace and quiet too!

One of our clients at Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital told me this lovely story recently about a dog that used to call to her house…..made me laugh but I get it!!!!

“An older tired looking dog wandered into the back garden. I knew from his collar and the size of his belly that he was well looked after and cared for! He came up to me, I gave him a rub on his head, and then he followed me into the house. He made his way over to the far corner of the room where he settled down and went to sleep.

After about an hour he got up and went to the door. I left him out.

This routine continued a few times a week. I became curious as to who owned this dog so I decided to pin a note to his collar as he was leaving one day. On the note I had written: I would like to know who the owner is of this lovely natured gentle dog and also to let you know that he comes to my house regularly for a nap.

The dog arrived back the following day with another note attached to his collar which read: I live in a house with 5 children, 3 of which are under 3, I just need to catch up on sleep, can I come back tomorrow? !!”

Here at the Anicare Veterinary Group
we all encourage some good quality down time for our pets!







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