It’s a Jungle out there!


No dog or cat owner would disagree their pet adds an extra dimension to their life:
whether it’s companionship, the fun element or simply a friendly soul with whom to
share their life. However, one thing no pet owner would want to share are parasites!

Parasites such as fleas, ticks and intestinal worms can cause discomfort to their pet
host, but perhaps more serious they can cause fatal diseases such as Lungworm
which can be life-threatening to dogs. It really is a jungle out there, but thankfully there
are safety measures you can take.

Clontarf Veterinary Hospital and all Anicare Veterinary Group branches has a comprehensive range of parasite treatments, which will help to keep your pet parasite – free. Moreover, we can advise you about your pet’s individual parasite
requirements based on its individual life – style and the parasites – both internal and
external – to which it is susceptible.

Just call our team in Clontarf  on 01 8330744 now to make a Free Veterinary Nurse appointment to help you …

‘Keep your Pet Parasite Free’

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