The Importance of Neutering your Cat

You have all heard about the cat crisis in Ireland, cats multiplying and back gardens being taken over with cats, how the feral population is out of control and how thousands of cats are euthanised each year.  You may wonder what you can do to help this?

Spaying and castration are surgical procedures that make your cat unable to reproduce.  Spaying is the removal of a cat’s ovaries and uterus and castration is the removal of a male cat’s testicles.  Neutering refers to either procedure.

Most of us get our kittens when they are 12 weeks old.  Do you know that they can start producing kittens at 24 weeks?  An un-neutered female cat can be responsible for 30 cats in just one year, then, their kittens will start producing kittens up to 4 – 6 per litter twice per year.
The benefits of neutering:
·         If you have a female cat, spaying removes the risk of ovarian cancer and reduces the risk of cervical cancer.
·         Male cats benefit greatly from being neutered.  It eliminates the risk of testicular cancer and prevents a number of behaviours that can make owning a male cat difficult.
·         It eliminates behaviours e.g. neutered males will be less territorial and will be easier to handle.
·         Neutered cats tend to roam less, which means there will be less risk of them being involved in a road traffic accident.

Each Spring, uncontrolled breeding means that hundreds of litters of feral kittens are born, prey to disease and sickness. Each year thousands of abused, injured and sick cats and kittens are given to shelters, many will never find their forever homes.

Neutering your pet cat, both the males and females, will go a long way towards reducing the numbers of kittens being born each year.  Please make an appointment with us here at Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital to have your cat neutered and help control the overpopulation of cats in Ireland.

Please neuter your cat before kitten season begins.  Help us keep the number of cats under control.

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