Thor the Ferret

Thor is a very friendly 2 yr old ferret who came into Anicare’s – Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital to get neutered. Thor is a very inquisitive guy and is taking in all of the daily goings on in the hospital! Susan Barry our veterinary surgeon performed the operation.

Male Ferrets are called hobs and are carnivores so they eat a diet similar to cats. They are smaller than cats and males weigh approximately 1.2 kg ( your average cat would weigh 4kg). The surgery is usually performed after four months of age and a lighter coat is sometimes noticed a few weeks after the operation.

Thor is fawn in colour and has the cutest little face. We have all fallen in love with him. When you pick him up he likes to snuggle into you. He is now happily munching on some chicken- he deserves a little treat after his surgery!

Thor is looking for a good home as his owner’s are emigrating. So if you interested please call us at Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital on 01-6237044


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