Kennel Cough


We are in the midst of the cold winter weather and coughs and colds are a common occurrence in us humans. These are a nuisance but rarely turn into more serious conditions.


However if your dog begins to cough it is time to seek advice from your Anicare vets as Kennel Cough, whilst rarely serious, may lead to more serious health issues if not treated early on.

The name “kennel cough” can be misleading but in fact kennel cough is so named because the infection can spread quickly among dogs that are in close contact – such as the close quarters of a kennel – but it is certainly not a disease exclusive to the kennel environment. Dogs will often pick up kennel cough from other infected dogs in the park or their neighbourhood. It is a highly contagious disease.

The symptoms of kennel cough are a persistent hacking cough and often coughing is bad enough to cause the dog to vomit, especially if a meal has just been eaten. The cough is usually made worse by excitement and exercise and often the dog will cough up pools of “white spit”. If your dog is showing these symptoms we may prescribe a course of treatment.

Susan Barry, one of our vets at Palmerstown Vet hospital, says “We see approximately 3 cases of kennel cough per week and some weeks even more if there has been an outbreak”. A simple vaccination can make kennel cough almost completely avoidable and dog owners are urged to contact their nearest Anicare vet hospital discuss their options. The kennel cough vaccination can be given at the time of the annual booster and is effective for 1 year.


Remember, with regards to Kennel cough, it is better to be safe than sorry.






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