Christmas and your pet

Here are some Christmas pointers for our clients and friends.

Christmas whilst being a great occasion can also be a difficult time for pets and they can become unsettled so here are a few tips to keep your poochie happy and well.

Christmas food and drink can be one of the biggest causes of visits to vets in the Christmas period. An abundance of food within easy reach of your pet can create a huge temptation for pets with a lack of self control. Take care with your ham but even more so with the turkey as ingested bones are a significant hazard for a pet as they can severely damage the gut as they make their way through the digestive tract, not to mention the
discomfort this causes. Turkey meat can also upset a dogs tummy and they are susceptible to food poisoning from old food not properly stored. Gastroenteritis (vomiting and diarrhoea) are common at this time of year.

Tins of sweets and chocolates in particular present a threat to your pets’ health and it is important to remember chocolate is toxic to dogs (especially dark chocolate).

But what of plants? Poinsettias and mistletoe which are so often associated with
Christmas are highly toxic to pets.

And if all this is not bad enough the poor pet has to contend with all those visitors. He or she is expected to remain quiet while Santa shuffles down a chimney smelling of reindeer and soot and all sorts of visitors calling. If you have a pet who enjoys peace and quiet
leave him out of the limelight. If however he likes company then let him be a part of it but if there are young children always be observant as pets can get understandably upset when poked or antagonised by children who are not used to interacting with them.

Finally, a reminder to all that a pet is for life not just for Christmas so before giving think carefully about the responsibilities of pet ownership. And more than anything have the best Christmas and New Year ever and remember if you need a vet Anicare clinics are open every day bar Christmas day and a vet is always available in an emergency.

Our opening hours for all our branches will shortly be posted on this website.


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