Check your Pet’s Microchip is Correctly Registered for Free!

We all dread the day our beloved pet might go missing. With this in mind you like so many other pet owners may have had your pet microchipped.  But are you sure the correct details are stored on Fido or any of the Europetnet – affiliated data bases?

Estimates reveal that in the region of 100,000 microchips are incorrectly registered in Ireland and that if those animals are lost, the data registered would probably not result in the animals being reunited with their owner

The main reason for this is that many pedigree dogs are registered by the breeder and the owner never updates the data, but other reasons are that no registration was ever submitted, people move house or change contact numbers, animals are surrendered or rehomed .

To help address this situation Veterinary Ireland Companion Animal Association with Fido have launched a FREE data verification scheme for owners of chipped dogs.

To check your pet’s chip is correctly registered all you have to do is:-

  1. Drop into any of the ANICARE VETERINARY GROUP clinics with our pet.
  2. One of our staff members will scan your pet to check the microchip number.
  3. We will give you a chip verification form to complete.
  4. Post this form off to Fido.
  5. Fido their database and also all Europetnet affiliated databases and let you know if the data for your pet stored is correct or not.

There is NO CHARGE for this scheme.*

*However if your pets details are not stored Fido may charge a fee should you wish to register your pet.

So act now  Check your Chip!



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